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Fitness, Wellness, and How Android Makes it Happen
May 4, 2010, 5:48 am
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One minute out and he is gaining on me. I put my feet to the pavement hard, moving my tired legs just enough to outpace the racer in my shadow. Not too much longer and I’ll reach the finish line just a handful of yards ahead. Head down, stride by stride, making the final push as the seconds fill up the clock.

I cross the line feeling him right on my back, but turning around no one is there. Pulling my phone out of my pocket I find out I’ve managed to come in a good three minutes ahead of the ghost runner I’ve been racing: my previous time finishing this route.

CardioTrainer and an Android phone are all the incentive I need to push myself harder, and it is just one example of how WorkSmart Labs Inc. is employing technology to make fitness and wellness an engaging experience, encouraging both the hardcore athlete and average Joe to get out and get fit…Read Full Story