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Sprint “Hoped” You’d Get Your 2.1 Update by Now, But You’ll Have to Wait Longer
May 9, 2010, 10:02 am
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Earlier in the week word came through a Best Buy internal document that the update to Android 2.1 for at least the HTC Hero would begin today. There was no word on the Samsung Moment, but the hope was that would be coming in just as quickly. The key word here is “hope,” which according to a series of tweets from the official Sprint Twitter, was all they ever had in regards to said update coming today.

I hate to be the bearer of this bad news, especially if you’ve come to the site today “hoping” for an announcement that 2.1 would begin rolling out to your Sprint devices. I’ve reached out to Sprint via Twitter for definitive confirmation.

We did receive an anonymous tip earlier in the week from an UNCONFIRMED source claiming to be a Sprint employee that the actual release of the update would be something more along the lines of May 31st. Take that as a big old rumor though, as at this point any date encompassed in Q2 of this year is up for grabs.

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Verizon Says Droid Eris Update “Coming Soon”
May 9, 2010, 10:00 am
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If you want to complain about software updates, another handset you don’t want to fail to mention unless you like the idea of a thousand angry Android owners descending upon you is the HTC Droid Eris from Verizon. We learned that Verizon would be dropping the Eris in short order, and along with this there was some worry that a new OS update may never come. Now it looks like Verizon is gearing up to bring the update to Eris owners, with software revision ROM: 2.36.605.1/Radio:

No where in Verizon’s literature do they call this one Android 2.1, but if you look at the list of new features you’ll know that is exactly what you are getting:

  • Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the Gallery and Google Maps.
  • New support for voice-to-text entry.
  • New Gallery application with 3D layout. View and share photos taken with your phone and images from your online Picasa Web albums.
  • New Leap thumbnail view lets you pinch to jump between the seven panels on your home screen.
  • Google Maps with Navigation provides free, traffic-enhanced, turn-by-turn navigation.

If Verizon sticks to their guns, notice that Eris users will get 7 home screens with thumbnail navigation, something that was surprisingly absent from the Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update. You can learn much more about what other additions and enhancements will come with the update at the Verizon Eris Support site.

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